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so apparently when your lil sis is watching you art over your shoulder and you ask her to leave politely bc she’s making you nervous/self-conscious is still a BAD THING

/abuses the heck outta the outer glow tool

Monk of Rage for my really cute friend Ash!!  Unfortunately there is no official monk design for Homestuck, but I kept seeing this sorta design floating around and I was like hot diggity this is cute yes friend here you go.  Let me know if you want anything changed!! :3

Ashley is a really wonderful person and yall should follow her!  Or maybe appreciate her a little she’s totes cool.  Ashley also asked me how I’m oding so I’m gonna answer that out loud right now by saying hi i am kinda sorta really horrible at online communicating or starting conversations in general im sorry and also maybe theres this thing where this guy wants to hang out w/ me and im kinda really flusterd/nervous/excited over it


So yes I am doing pretty okay.  Also this other thing is I’ve been feelings queasy lately (not because of the above mostly) and idk why?  My insurance recently swiched me from one manufacturer of generic fluoxetine to another manufacturer of generic fluoxetine and maybe that’s the culprit?  But idk.  Yeah.  Blargh feeling midly sickish on and off

But drawing is actually a super nice thing that I love doing still and still helps me so yes if you would like to send me your god tier I will draw the thing!! :3

Toodles <3

Sylph of Doom for viogirl!  I was too shy too try and send you an ask because I’m apparently going through a really anxious/shy/awkward stage, so I kinda looked around your blog for a post with your hair and I found it so I used that as a bit of a reference.  I hope that was okay!  Let me know if you want anything changed, I’ll see what I can do.

I’ll post the other one later today, and I kinda wanna say that I’ll be indefinitely doing these things?  That’s the right word, right?  Just basically like months from now “hey can u draw this of that?” ok.


Have a lovely day everyone <3

just in case you weren’t aware:

I am a huge lazybutt-dork who gets distracted and sometimes sickish and forgets about the things I need to do and then gets anxious about having not done them so I delay and get more anxious and oh look a cycle

so yeah rahsajhda I’m really sorry I’ve been super quiet and haven’t done god tier drawings or anything, that’s a huge my bad!!!  I do have a couple finished that I didn’t post yet because I’m a shy forgetter-lazy-anxious person and yeah

I’ll put them up in a little bit and work on the rest, again, I am really really sorry!!!!!!!  That’s partly why I haven’t been on Skype lately too, I get so anxious about having hecked up that I just avoid that like “oh no they must think im so dumb” or whatever. Hahah yay generalized anxiety

And also yes I am still planning on working on BB and TG!  I’ve just been really distracted and lazy and shy and yeah oops.  With BB I’m kinda planning on making a flash, but idk?  I think I might with Auresh confronting his Mom and all, just gotta make the sprites, learn the ins and outs of flash, and yeah! :33


Thief of Doom for anon!  Hope it looks okay, you requersted it have slick black hair but I wasn’t sure it male or female so I tried to make it look androgynous, hope that worked!  If you need me to fix it up or anything let me know :33

I know I was slacking on these for a bit, but if you submit your god tier to me I will still do it!!  Just send an ask and a little description or whatever.

Have a nice day ^^

Maid of Void for Classpecting!!  Sorry this took so long >:  I did get really distracted, but I’m more on track now, I swear!  I gave you a list becayse of all the cool classpect stuff you post adn things :33 I fouy need anything changed let me know!

I promise I am still most definitely doing the thing where I draw people’s god tiers!  Just send me an ask with a small description or whatever :3  Have a nice day ^^

did u kno

minecraft can be addicting

like hella addicting

dont do it ever you will start rebuiding that thing you were doing and actually get a good start on it and then forget everything else you were supposed to do

like draw god tiers

I am so so sorry everyone!! I got carried away with my minecrafting … but I got two ponies :DD  That’s good, right?  right?????

ha im a nerd

I promise the god tiers will start coming again tomorrow, so sorry about that!!!

[ Fear ]


I may have sung this really softly, so if you can’t hear anything please turn up the volume some!

Hello friends!  I’m sure many of you have seen the comic done by the lovely  modmad , located here.  Warning: this is dmhis related stuff so if it bothers you I’m really sorry and please look away/don’t listen!  There isn’t anything grotesque in this comic or my singing (i hope) as far as I’m concerned, but if dhmis bothers you in general, then this isn’t for you >:  Sorry.

When the comic first made an appearance on my dash, I just started singing this.  I don’t know where the tune came from, if it’s from somewhere in the way way back of my mind or what.  But it’s really nice, and I’m kinda proud of it, so I wanted to share?  I hope you guys like it a lot!  And if you want to cover it, I would just jahgfduytagduy yes you may but idk if you’d want to and yeah.

This is pretty huge for me: I’m an incredibly shy person on the internet, to the point where I don’t put my pic on here.  So for me to actually sing something and upload it is kind of a big deal.  I hope you enjoy it, and keep in mind that I don’t have any professional recording material so I’m sorry but this is all I have!  >:

Thanks for listening and I love you all <3

Reblorging because June 19, happy Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared Day!! :D  I thought I’d bring this aorund again since I still really like it and I think it’s a bit of a “nicer side” (ie no blood) so yeah.  Me singing again woo.